P.O.'d With AZ's Election Results? Sport A Shane Kennedy "Arizona, Expect Less" Tee

Before you move to Canada or New Zealand or wherever, you can give the Grand Canyon State a one-hundred-percent-cotton one-fingered salute, thanks to Shane Kennedy.

The downtowner, who designed the "Welcome to Phoenix, Lower Your Standards" tees, is back at it again with his snarky-centric taglines inspired partially by last night's election results.

(read more about and see the "Arizona, Expect Less" design after the jump)

Last night, just minutes before Jan Brewer was declared the winner of Arizona's gubernatorial race, New Times bumped into Kennedy outside of Carly's. While smoking a cigarette, the Best of Phoenix winner said he had some new ideas in the works.

Well, dude got all over it right away because, this morning, he debuted "Arizona, Expect Less" and "Arizona Hates Me!" shirts.

Kennedy says that the shirts, which will be available soon on Zazzle, will be much cheaper than the "Lower Your Standards" shirts that retail for $27.95.