Marimekko Dress, Restyled

Found at a recent clothing swap held at Blueberry Deluxe Boutique in the Melrose District: 1 Marimekko Dress.

Dilemma: Short girls (i.e. The Thrifty Maker) can't wear full body floral prints.

Solution: Restyle it! Marimekko dress meet scissors because your are about to have a makeover. This Marimekko dress retails for more than $100 and a Marimekko bag alone is about $89. (Check out Finn Style for proof.) Cost for this skirt and bag (free), around ¢25 for thread, ¢30 for binding tape and ¢60 for a silk ribbon. Total cost: $1.15.

Learn how to restyle a dress into a skirt and a bag after the jump.

--Sewing machine
--Straight pins
--Binding or biased tape
--Wide ribbon

1. Cut the dress in half thus creating a skirt shape and a bag shape

2. Fold the waist area of the skirt over about a half-inch and use pins to hold it in place. Run a straight stitch along it to hold it in place.

3. Now grab some pre-folded biased or binding tape and fold it over the waist band area, pin down only to the back side of the skirt.

4. Sew around one side of the skirt only with a straight stitch. Make sure to leave all of the extra biased tape hanging off of the sides of the skirt -- you'll use this to wrap tie it.

5. Clip a small 2-by-2-inch piece of the biased tape and pin it in the very front of the skirt. Sew down on the top and bottom leaving the center open to act like a loop.

6. Pull the strings through, and your skirt is complete!

For the bag:

1. Cut apart the seam at the top shoulder area.

2. Fold it over and hold it in place with a piece of tape

3. Grab a 3-inch wide piece of ribbon and iron it in half. Now sew it together (using a decorative stitch, if you like).

4. Tuck the ribbon into the cut shoulder areas and pin into place.

5. Sew both sides of the shoulder and the ribbon together. (This will make the strap).

6. Now flip the entire form inside out and fold along the cut bottom. Pin closed and sew, being sure to reverse stitch and secure the ends so the bag can carry heavy items.

7. Flip right side out and bang, you have yourself a cute cotton Marimekko bag.