Stop The Remakes

When it comes to horror films, there's no shortage of fan sites or blogs, but one horror film blog is dedicated solely to critiquing remakes of classic horror movies:

This Phoenix-based blog is run by Levi Yockey, a lifelong horror movie buff. Yockey's probably seen every horror movie you've seen on the shelf, and then some. In addition to horror staples like Halloween and Suspiria, Yockey's favorite horror flicks include super-gorey cult yarns like August Underground, which he says contains "the only pedophilia necrophilia" scene he's ever seen.

In other words, Yockey's hard to shock. And when it comes to remakes of his favorite horror flicks, he can be hard to please, too. He offers knowledgeable and unbridled criticism of each at


For example, when analyzing the potential of a remake of An American Werewolf in London by The Number 23 writer Fernley Phillips, Yockey points out that "The Number 23 was like eating a bowl full of glass."

Yockey also calls the upcoming remake of Total Recall "Total Bullshit," and a planned remake of Suspiria "unnecessary." But he gives credit where credit's due, too. When blogging about Rob Zombie's remake of Yockey's all-time favorite horror film, Halloween, Yockey concedes that "I still have yet to be let down by Rob Zombie and his potential to make an outstanding horror movie."

Wading through movie reviews on Google searches can often be laborious and unrewarding; thankfully, gives us the educated, opinionated perspective of a Valley movie buff. And that makes us happy.

(full disclosure: Yockey works in a non-editorial department at Phoenix New Times)