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The Wizards of Time's Band Cave

Urban legend has it that The Wizards of Time current jam pad in Tempe has been used by at least four other bands and that one of those bands, Princess Ladyfriend, used to rock out on the roof, much to the delight of their neighbors. The truth may never out, but what we can say with certainty is that this house has some intense musical vibes lingering in the air. (Read more Wizards of Time coverage on our music blog, Up on the Sun.)

And The Wizards of Time are digging it. Although they've chosen the more conventional route of playing indoors.

There's more about The Wizards of Time (including a slideshow) after the jump.

Since returning from North Carolina where they recorded their latest LP, "Will this soft curse plague on?" (set to be released sometime this Fall), The Wizards of Time have been gradually making this new space feel like home.

Found objects, band artwork, christmas lights and a lamp that has travelled with them to so many shows that they were labelled "Lamp Rock" are all part of a creative work in progress.

"It makes us feel more comfortable just having things that are familiar to us," says bassist Justin Weir. "Maybe we don't realize it at the time, but it does make us feel more creative."

To feel comfortable and inspired is key to any great practice space. More than the concert stage, the rehearsal space is where the real magic happens. It's the place where new ideas are presented and experimentation leads to great music.

In other words, the practice space is sacred.

And in this particular case, The Wizards of Time might be jamming on the most hallowed ground in Tempe.