Royal Wedding Fever: A Wedding Dress, Restyled

The Royal Wedding is upon us, and it's OK to admit it -- you're excited. That's totally normal (at least we think so), because everyone loves a fairy tale, or at least the excuse to get all fancy, knit some dolls, make a huge cake and pretend like we know these people.

Using William and Kate's upcoming ceremony as inspiration, this Thrifty Maker transforms a late-1980s/early-1990s-style wedding dress into a contemporary wedding-ish dress with a touch of the hottest wedding trend: black, of course.

(NOTE: This Thrifty Maker put a call out on Facebook for a wedding dress and the offers came rushing in. Thank you Lisa for the donation.)

Learn how this wedding dress was transformed after the jump.

-- Used wedding dress
-- Scissors
-- Straight Pins
-- Chalk
-- Sewing Machine
-- Needle and Thread (white)
-- Black lace (2 yards)

1. Look long and hard at the used dress to see what it can become.

2. Cut off the excess collar.

3. Use a seam ripper to remove all trim and beading (ick).

4. Mark off where you'd like the new hemline to be with chalk, measure down a few inches, and cut off the bottom of the outer fabric.

5. Fold the new hem under and sew.
6. Lift the interior tulle, pull it up over the hem.

7. Attach tulle to hem every so many inches by hand with a needle and thread.

8. Using the bottom of the dress that was cut off, tear six to eight strips 2-by-24 inches.

9. Attach them at the top and bottom of the bodice by hand with a needle and thread. You can also attach them every so often in the middle but allow for a bit of flow

10. Use one of the spare strips to form a rose sew it together by hand with a needle and thread.

11. Attach the rose to your 2 yards of black lace, at the center point. Sew the lace to the dress at the bottom of the bodice by hand with a needle and thread

Wear and enjoy either for a wedding or a party. We all know black and white will always be in fashion.

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