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Bad Engagement Tumblr Is Save-the-Date Photography at its Saddest

The holiday season is here, and you know what that means. While you singletons are popping the corks off cheap champagne drank straight from the bottle in your empty studio apartment, your more committed friends will be popping the question to their significant others.

With save-the-date announcements flooding your mailbox, inbox, and -- dear God, is that a GIF? -- it helps to take solace in the one thing these engagement photos all share.

They all totally suck.

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Bad Engagement Photos is a Tumblr "dedicated to poking fun at the big, bad wedding machine." The photo blog which has been chronicling the biggest fails in fiance photography since April of this year has accumulated a generous archive of the "silly, hilarious, and contrived."

And that's putting it nicely.

To help you through another season of being unattached and over-informed of other peoples' upcoming marital bliss, we'd like to share our top picks in this collection of asinine wedding announcements

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