Restyled: Vintage Canning Jar into a Terrarium

Old vintage canning jars can be found at yard sales and thrift stores and they look cool but what do you do with them once you get them home? For the black thumbs amongst us who can't keep a plant alive, a terrarium is a perfect place to let living things in.

Terrariums a virtually no maintenance and is simple to build. It you have any open or closed glass container you are ready to start building.

(You can even ask the pet supply store staff if they have any plants that are browning and may not look great in an aquarium but could be priced at half off and would work perfectly for a terrarium.)

Learn how to build a terrarium after the jump.

-- Fine Sand (purchased at a pet supply store)
-- Small Stones (purchased at a pet supply store or a hardware store)
-- Activated Charcoal (purchased at a pet supply store)
-- Sphagnum or Spanish moss (purchased at plant nursery or a hardware store)
-- Potting Soil (purchased at plant nursery or a hardware store)
-- Terrarium Plant (purchased at a pet supply store)
-- Plastic ornament (purchased at a cake supply store)

1. At the bottom of the jar place a layer of fine sand. Note: this can be purchased in a variety of colors from a pet supply store.

2. Next place a layer of small stones in the jar, on top of the sand.

3. Add a layer of activated charcoal.

4. Add a layer of sphagnum or Spanish moss on top of the charcoal.

5. Place a layer of potting soil on top of the moss.

6. Make a hole in the soil with a wooden spoon or other long handled tool. Plant your terrarium specific plant into the soil.

7. Add ornaments or other decorations such as plastic animals or mushrooms.

8. Remember to view all sides of your project to make sure it looks nice in the round, from all sides
9. Watering: Before screwing the cap on the jar, splash a small bit of water with your fingers in to the jar. A closed terrarium can go weeks without watering but monitor the condensation level because too much moisture causes mold and root rot and not enough means the plant will dry out. Every so often sprinkle a small splash of water to encourage the ongoing condensation.