Boot Leggings and Overall Tutus: WTF Is Happening Here?

Thanks to TV infomercials, the Internet, and poor red carpet choices, society has seen its fair share of fashion hybrids: pajama jeans shortalls, boobypacks, and pantyhose as pants.

But this week, the fashion industry brought faux pas fusion to a whole new level -- make that two new levels.

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Let's start with this creation by former Jimmy Choo designer, author, and shoe innovator, Tamara Mellon whose contribution to style-based crossovers are the boot leggings -- or as we're calling them "bleh-gings."

Technically these mixed-breed bottoms are called "sweet revenge boot leggings," which really, just further confirms our assumption that these designer duds were made with stylish dominatrices in mind. Make that wealthy dominatrices. The sweet revenge boot leggings are currently available on Net-A-Porter for a price that would make even the most hardcore sadomasochist cringe: $1,995.

Next, there's the overall tutu -- a design crime of the highest degree by repeat offender, Urban Outfitters. To give you an idea of how bad this Billy-Bob-ballerina ensemble truly is, we should note that even investment analysts at Goldman Sachs were having second thoughts, saying in a statement published by QZ:

"Goldman said in a research note released on Monday, Dec. 16, it had some 'incremental concern' that the company might be 'too aggressive and fashion forward' with its products."

They call it "fashion forward," but we call it "fashion ass-backwards." Either way we can all agree the Urban Renewal Tulle-Skirt Overall Dress is just wrong.

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