Feel Time with the Haptica Braille Watch

One new idea for every day in 2011. We're talking big, small, local, international, in action and on the drawing board. Here's today's -- what's yours?

In his product pitch on Kickstarter, American designer David Chavez describes the two most common methods in which people who are blind can read the time: either on a flip watch with  readable markers on minutes and hours with steady, moving hands, or with a watch that can audibly read the time when activated. Neither, Chavez believes, are very elegant, convenient, or discreet.

His solution is the Haptica, a watch that's readable with the swipe of a finger across four braille indicators.

In 2009, the World Health Organization estimated that 45 million people in the world are legally blind. Chavez says he hopes his idea can make a small, yet thoughtful difference.

Read more about his project and fundraising efforts here.