"Middle Ground" Looks for Immigration Solutions at Bragg's Pie Factory

Kellie Wallace and Olivia Perry are looking for a solution.

The two seniors at Arizona School for the Arts are in a classed called Challenge-Based Learning, in which students are encouraged to find a social issue, or challenge, and find the means for a solution.

They know illegal immigration and national identity are complicated issues in Arizona and in the US, but through art, conversation, and engagement, they hope to bring together people who can help raise awareness and provide community-based solutions.

"It is time we raise awareness about how the physical identity of our community and world is changing," Wallace writes. "We want to bring people together to celebrate what we have in common, being "American". Whether we are documented or not, we all fit into America's identity. Our aim is to bring together people who might commonly be separated, and give them a chance to see the people behind the issues we are voting on today."

The two will host an opening reception for their participatory project, "Middle Ground" at Bragg's Pie Factory on Saturday May 21 from 6 to 9 p.m..

On display will be videos and performances, as well as photography, glass art, paintings for sale and display created by local artists. Members of the DREAM act coalition will be in attendance to engage with gallery visitors and share their own experiences.

Tickets are $7 at Bragg's Pie Factory, 1301 W Grand Avenue in Phoenix.

For more information, see the video below.