Barbie Got Back: Artist Creates Doll with Real-Life Proportions

By now, most of us have heard that if Mattel's Barbie were a real person with the toy's proportions, she wouldn't just be clinically anorexic but, like a piece of badly rendered CGI animation, would succumb to the laws of physics and bend and snap (and not in the cool, Legally Blonde way). Literally, not even professional models are built like that.

Artist and researcher Nikolay Lamm has spent the past few months using a combination of 3D modeling and Photoshop to create images that flip the idea around -- what if the doll resembled an average, healthy 19-year-old woman?

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London's The Daily Mail shared several of the newest pics. Lamm's skills and dedication continue to clarify what ought to be a simple message: Yes, people are attracted to a variety of physical types, yes, fashion is fun, but it's rather self-defeating all around to idealize an impossible waist and butt (either to achieve or to hook up with) before we even go out into the world and meet real people.

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