Sean Deckert's Praying Hands and Banner

Show us your ink! MARKED is a series where we ask locals of all ages, professions and backgrounds to roll up their sleeves, pant legs, and so much more to reveal their marks. Here are their stories:

Name: Sean Deckert
Age: 26, and was 18 when I got my tattoo.

My Arm Piece
: I had done at Vision World in Urbana, Illinois when I was 18. I went to that shop because I was under-aged and heard he would do tattoos anyways. He's a good artist, too. Anyway, I wanted to get this piece on my arm for my Grandma Horton. She was struggling with cancer and lived in Michigan, which means I could not see her as much as I would have liked. I got the top half two years before she died, and the banner afterward.

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Her support for me growing up is something that is a huge part of who I am today. I wanted to have a tattoo that represented that, as well as showed my support for her since I could not be there physically. I will never get sick of looking at it even if my arm is all wrinkly when I'm old because the idea behind it is one of the roots of my upbringing.

All of my tattoos, except one, have a story. Some are simple and some are a bit more complex, but they are all important. I think of tattoos as a map to understanding a person. I also love the way mine look and that they never go away. Nothing says commitment like getting some ink done! With that said, I like that I wake up every day and see tattoos that remind me of where I come from.

Next tattoo? Is going to be a big side piece, Japanese wood block print style, on both sides of my body. I have some ideas about what it will be about but I also like to give the artist room to customize. I have a running theme where my left side is black and white and the right is color, so I'll stick with that. For now, I'm spending all my money on [photo] film and paper so I might have to wait to get that work done. Anybody want to trade photo work for tattoos?

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