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University of Arizona Named One of the Sexiest Colleges, Beating ASU

All right, ASU, you've had your 15 minutes of fame, what with ranking you as the number one university with the hottest student body, er, students' bodies.

Now it's University of Arizona's time to shine. And just a heads up, they made it onto three lists.

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The Daily Beast's "Down and Dirty Guide to the Best Colleges 2013", is a comprehensive breakdown of the country's top universities, encompassing everything from statistical data like graduation rates and future earnings, to the more qualitative assessments, i.e. the "sexiest" and the "partiest."

Coming in at number 12 on the Daily Beast's "20 Sexiest Colleges" were the feisty Wildcats with a "hottest guys" score of 8.75/10, and a "hottest girls" score of 8.9 /10.

Incidentally, U of A also ranked number seven on the Daily Beast's list of "Colleges with the Best Safe Sex Programs", scoring a 7/10 in the availability of contraceptives, 9/10 on the availability of condoms and STD testings, and 8/10 on sexual outreach programs and sexual assault services.

Sadly, the Sun Devils did not make it onto either of the aforementioned lists. But they did make the cut for the Daily Beast's "Top 200 Colleges of 2013" -- after U of A, that is.

While ASU achieved the satisfactory ranking of 131, U of A had it beat by a modest, but no doubt painful, eight places, coming in at 123.

And the rivalry continues...

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