Etsy Bans the Sale of Human Bones, Drugs, and Spice on its Website

Because the dark corners of the internet world exist everywhere -- even on the hipster, pug-owning, crafty marketplace populated mostly by stay-at-home-moms -- certain boundaries must be set.

On Facebook, posting offensive content is not allowed. On Pinterest, users are not supposed to pin copyright material. Twitter can evidently suspend your account for critiquing Olympics coverage on NBC. And according to CNET, starting this month, if you have a collection of human skulls, a couple of bongs, or a nice pouch (or six) of synthetic drugs, you can no longer sell them to other creative nutcases on Etsy looking to bejazzle some bones after a quick fix.

"The Policy Team at Etsy is continually working to ensure that our rules balance the perspectives of our community (both shoppers and sellers) as well as the needs of Etsy as a company," according to the Etsy website. "In pursuit of that balance - though odd as it may sound - we've spent long hours over the past several months extensively researching some offbeat and fascinating topics, from issues surrounding the sale of human bones to the corrosive and toxic properties of mercury. All this research has led us to a set of important updates to the Prohibited Items list in the DOs & DON'Ts of Etsy."

Also included in the new prohibited items: - herbal smoking blends, tobacco-alternatives, and other products that one might commonly smoke in a pipe or cigarette form. - skulls, bones, articulated skeletons, bodily fluids, preserved tissues or organs, and other similar products. (Note: Human hair and teeth are currently allowed, so long as the items comply with other Etsy marketplace rules.) - mercury thermometers, loose matches (such as in a matchbox), sparklers and other fireworks, caps for toy guns, and lighter fluid. - and pipes with carburetors, water pipes, bubblers, oil domes, hash skillets, vaporizers, and ash catchers.

Looks like the Craigslist community's about to get a little craftier ...

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