Celia Putty's 2 Girls, 1 Cup Is a Good Time at Kobalt Bar in Phoenix

It's nearing 10 p.m. at a bar in the center of a shopping complex in the middle of Phoenix. Standing in front of the slightly raised stage are four men, each wearing the same combination of discomfort and amusement on his face. They stare into an audience of high-topped tables cluttered with patrons who are just beginning to drink off the mid-week slump. They exchange glances.

Unexpectedly, a fur coat is flung forward, resting on the shoulder of one of the gentlemen. Moments later, a bustier follows suit. A floor-length black dress is next. The men making up this human changing curtain neither flinch nor move -- there isn't time to react. From behind, a woman emerges, clad in thigh-high leather boots and mesh, a large, gaudy cross around her neck, mic in hand.

"Are you having a good time?" she demands of the audience.