Courting Disaster

5 Things Women Secretly Love About Men

Courting Disaster is Jackalope Ranch's weekly column of dating horror stories, observations, how-tos, and more by Katie Johnson. Names of ex-boyfriends, past hookups, and bad blind dates have been changed to protect the guilty.

There are lot of things out there in the dating ether that either men or women fail to comprehend whether it's when to call, what to say, or how to approach the simple milestones of the dating ritual.

But for all the things you do that unknowingly drive opposite sex insane, there are just as many that they find covertly endearing. From physical flaws and phobias to guilty pleasures and goofy idiosyncrasies, here are five things that women secretly love about men.

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5. When you talk to animals -- maybe even in a little voice.

Look, we don't buy your macho man routine. In fact, we find it endearing when we overhear you talking to Fido from the other room. A lot can be said about how a man treats his pets. A man who owns a little dog or cat: comfortable with his sexuality. A man who takes good care of his pets: compassionate and responsible. A man who does the opposite of these things: probably someone you shouldn't be with. You know what they say about men with big hearts. . .

4. When you have a social life outside of hers.

When it comes to your group of friends, sharing is not always caring. Guys may think that their ladies want them to drop everything to be at their beck and call, but in truth everyone needs their space. Girls want to be a priority yes, but they also don't want you to be a doormat for them. Have spine and a social life. Women like it when guys have their own friends and their own interests. It keeps the relationship interesting and it helps quell the fear that you might be a serial killer.

3. When you have an embarrassing guilty pleasure.

It's not manly, but it sure is cute. Divulging some downright embarrassing fact about yourself -- whether it's the fact that you know all the words to "Call Me Maybe," own the Dream Girls soundtrack, or eat children's cereals -- works in your favor. Firstly, she'll feel special in knowing something about you that most people don't. And frankly, you'd prefer to keep it that way. Second, it makes for some comic relief in the relationship. Not every couple needs to reflect that of a teen drama on the CW.

2. When you're afraid of something.

You know that whole thing about men being the protectors and women needing saving? Yeah, it's completely outdated. Ladies like it when you admit your faults and admit you're vulnerable. Granted, you don't need to do that on the first date. But feel free to open up later on and let her be the one to hold your hand from time to time whether it's at the dentist, on a plane, or giving a public speech.

1. When your hair starts graying.

Men, stop dyeing your hair. I repeat, stop it. Everyone can tell, and no one is fan. Unlike the dye job that makes you look like a walking Ken doll or a Lego man, the salt and pepper look gives you distinction. Whether or not it's actually true, those little gray hairs sprouting up tell women that you're wise, humble, and comfortable in your own skin. And since you all can't look like Idris Elba or Joe Manganiello, you better rock the next best thing: confidence.

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