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5. Morgan McNally

5. Morgan McNally Morgan McNally was born and raised in Phoenix. While she moved downtown as a fashion student in 2006, she says she dropped her sewing machine somewhere along the way, found painting, and hasn't looked back.

She's currently in pursuit of a degree in printmaking, and her work's been spotted at holgas, Space 55, Alwun House, Soul Invictus and Firehouse. You might be able to catch her at the Torch Theatre where she says she was a student/intern and is currently a family member. We've also heard she can make some pretty bomb cupcakes.

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1. List five things on your Inspiration Wall (real or imagined).

- Anything campy or kitschy - A South Pacific-esque photograph of my grandfather in Guam - The phrase "don't be afraid" (painted on my studio wall) - The smell of newsprint ink - Over-saturated musicals from the '40s and '50s.

2. What was your last big project? I'm easily excited and a little bit dramatic, so every project feels like a massive undertaking at the time. The last thing that I was wildly overexcited about was two shows that are just wrapping up at Practical Art and SuTRA Midtown. Opportunities like that sort take over my entire life, making every project feel like the biggest project in the world.

3. What's your next big project? Right now, I'm working on shows for Coe House, The Tire Pit Gallery, Space 55, The Trunk Space, and Soul Invictus, which have varying opening dates in October. Putting the finishing touches on a performance piece for Space 55's annual October show Seven Minutes in Hell, which is completely new and scary for me because I don't consider myself a performer, applying to schools, working on a new series of paintings and planning a children's book about the adventures of my chihuahua, mOrgan Grinder's Monkey, with local artists doing all of the illustrations.

I've also started work on a multimedia series based on interactions via technology and the way needs are met (or not met) when anonymity overtakes identity.

4. Why do you do what you do? Art gives me the chance to question society's view of human nature. Moreover, it gives me the opportunity to question my own views on life, love, loss, and hope. I'm the second youngest of seven children, and in such a large family, I think it's really easy to lose your sense of identity.

I spent twenty years trying to figure out who I am, and painting affords me the opportunity to keep looking. At 24, I still don't know who I am, but I've got a good idea and I plan to keep looking until I figure it out. Once I do, I'll probably become an astronaut or something. I've never been an astronaut before.

I use a lot of sewing pattern pieces in my work because I've always been really fascinated with them, and what they mean. A pattern is someone else telling you "This is the way I want you to go. This is the way to do it right." Personally, I pride myself on learning from my mistakes, so I've never really been one to follow someone else's set of rules. 5. What's something you want Phoenix to know about you? (And, if you're game, what's something you really don't want Phoenix to know about you?)

I want good things to happen to people. Really. I've learned so much about people and about myself in Phoenix, and the people that I've met and the memories we've made will stay with me for the rest of my life.

What I don't want Phoenix to know? I'm INCREDIBLY shy.

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