Dress Up in the 14th Amendment

From time to time, the Thrifty Maker will find, bargain, borrow, steal (not really) to create something a little different. She'll rely on her own skills as a scout of treasures and will sometimes bring in a few experts to help.

Q: How do you take the current climate in Arizona surrounding SB1070 and merge that with thrifty craft love?

A: Bring in the Phoenix Fridas, Hispanic Heritage Month, vintage Vogue sewing patterns, shake in some fabric dye and you've got it covered.

Last week, the Valle del Sol's Profiles of Success celebration luncheon opened with a fashion show that highlighted a ball gown created by the Phoenix Fridas. The dress-makers include: Anita Mabante-Leach, Emily Costello, Kathy Cano-Murillo and Carmen Guerrero. They hand sewed, hand painted, hand dyed and applied 800 crystals by hand to make the dress come together.

Read more about the dress (including how to make your own) after the jump ...

The "Born in the USA Art Gown" is The Phoenix Fridas artistic statement about the 14th amendment. The 14th Amendment was hand written around the base of the dress.

1. Visit a thrift store and find vintage patterns to work with. (Often priced at only a buck -- they're a steal.)
2. If you can find fabric at a thrift store or garage sale, bonus. If not check the clearance racks at your local fabric store.
3. Get ready to dye the fabric.

How to Ombre dye (courtesy of the Phoenix Fridas)

- Fabric or article of clothing to dye
- Fabric dye
- Spray Bottle
- Plastic table covering
- Plastic bag

4. Wash garment/fabric to remove any sizing.
5. While fabric is damp, add full-strength dye to spray bottle and spray the bottom third of the garment/fabric.
6. Fill spray bottle to top with water and shake. Spray the middle of garment/fabric until fully saturated.
7. Empty half of liquid from spray bottle and fill with more water so the mixture is very light. Spray the top third of the fabric garment. NOTE: Make sure to also spray the other side of the garment/fabric as well.
8. Wrap in plastic bag, and let sit for five hours. Rinse in washing machine in cold water, and dry on low in the dryer.

TIP: If dying fabric, make sure the edges of each piece are seamed, otherwise they will unravel in the mashing machine!