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German Woman Wants to Shrink 16-Inch Waist

Move over Hollywood actresses, there's a new mini-marvel in the media and her figure is literally taking her (and our) breath away.

24-year-old Michele Koebke is on a mission to have the smallest waist on record. The young German woman who once held a natural waist circumference of 25 inches has whittled it down to a mere 21 inches and the results are -- well, let's just say noticeable.

Koebke began her mission to have the smallest waist in 2009 when she started wearing a corset, practically 24/7 (she only takes it off to shower). At this stage Koebke can cinch her corseted waist down to a frightening 16 inches, but that's still one inch away from Guinness World Record Holder, Cathie Jung, whose natural waist (21 inches) could be cinched down to 15 inches.

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All ladies know that beauty is pain. And Koebke's efforts haven't been without their fair share of consequences. Because of the damage from Koebke's constant corseting, she can no longer eat normal-sized portions of food, breath normal amounts of air, or really support her body without the aid of the corset.

But Koebke claims that she does not experience pain and thus such trivial matters will not hinder from obtaining that 14.9-inch waist. Everyone has dreams, people.

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