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18: Miro Chun

18: Miro Chun

Miro Chun's a first-generation Korean American from a seriously artistic family. Her mother's a painter (abstract expressionist), her sister is a graphic designer, her father (a retired computer scientist) was a photographer in the Korean War, even her godparents are painters.

In school, she pursued architecture and photography at Carnegie Mellon University before moving to Phoenix.

Currently, she says she splits her time and head space between working as an architect, and running a small design company, where she makes handmade greeting cards (with "Calder-esque" wire objects), jewelry, ceramics, small wire sculptures and other personal projects.

Chun's also a passionate gardener, chicken keeper, foodie, cook and (in any other spare time) a roller derby enthusiast.

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1. List five things on your inspiration wall (real or imagined): - Artists whom I admire: a rotating collection of images. Right now: Anne Appleby, Mayme Kratz, Matthew Moore, Richard Serra - The drawings of Peter Opel - Ceramicists I admire: Taizo Kuroda, Edmund De Waal, Rupert Spira - A beautiful drawing by a friend, Emory Murff, (who was six at the time) of the view of our backyard at night.

- My lists: Not an inspiration but something I do keep pinned up. I like to draw my "to do" lists out: Errands, things around the house, card and jewelry orders, but especially food related things. Whether it's the week's grocery lists, what's in the fridge, or what I'm preparing for our next dinner party guests. I find that those lists are particularly helpful, because as the last hour rolls by, I get especially flustered, and then a quick glance will tell me what i need to do next. But in general, the drawn out lists are useful, because for me, a visual icon of an object is easier to see than a line item written in text that I could easily skip over. Later on, the lists function as kind of a visual record/diary of things I've done. There are also lists of projects I want to do and ideas I have.

2. What was your last big project? ???? I feel like lately its been more a series of little projects, rather than bigger ones -- each still just as overwhelming at times as a bigger one. There is one big architectural project that I don't want to say anything about, and end up jinxing it.

3. What's your next big project? I've been seeking convergence in my life -- a way to tie together the various things I do -- for work, for art, for daily life, for social interactions, and combine them in a way that makes sense. I'm a functionalist; I like to make objects and things of (hopefully) beauty, but they must also be useful too. And part of that is looking at how the accretion of time affects and changes things, and adds to their aesthetic appeal. I'm working on some textile pieces and a new line of jewelry that hopefully will start to articulate those things for me.

4. Why you do what you do? I can't help it, I need to.

5. What's something you want Phoenix to know about you? I'm friendlier than I act, and I want to start a supper club.

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