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46: Andrea Hanley

46: Andrea Hanley

Andrea Hanley's work is guided by and focused on the work of contemporary American Indian artists and the American Indian fine arts. She's currently the Manager of the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum.

"All of my projects are guided by a mantra: A never-ending quest to find the best and the most interesting contemporary American Indian artists in the country and help support them in the best way I can," she writes. "It's important for both Natives and Non-Natives to see this work. I am constantly trying to think of ways to bring more attention to the Berlin Gallery."

1. Name five things on your inspiration wall.
- My ultra cool nephew Nataani's 3rd grade A+ spelling test.
- A photo booth photo of my fabulous husband/artist Kade L. Twist and me.
- A color test proof serigraph by a famous Indian artist who wrote me a thank you note on the back of it.
- A fortune cookie fortune that reads, "You will do amazing things in your life."
- A picture from 1957 of my mom leading a parade twirling a baton.

2. What was your last big project?

So many different things, pulling together seven shows in a season, highlighting eight new Indian artists at the Berlin Gallery this year -- on top of the 25 artists we already work with. Working with Tewa sculptor Nora Naranjo-Morse on an exclusive bronze edition for the gallery and creating a green T-shirt line with my husband and friend.

3. What's your next big project?

I'm currently working out the details for the upcoming season's shows.I don't always know what the next truly big project will be, but if I follow my mantra, it usually leads to some serious and unanticipated inspiration that grows into a truly big and important project or maybe many big projects this upcoming year.

4. Why do you do what you do?
Because I love it, and I have been pretty lucky to have been in the arts field since I was an undergrad. I believe so passionately in supporting contemporary Indian artists and pushing the contemporary art market. There are so many new, interesting Indian voices out there saying so many important things. There is an amazing collector base and supporters around the country who follow us. I would love to be able to reach a larger market, find new collectors who find the work as wonderful and compelling as I do.

5. What's something you want Phoenix to know about you? (And if you're game, what's something you don't want Phoenix to know about you?)

I am Navajo, and grew up on the Navajo Nation, and I consider Chinle and Tsaile, Arizona, my hometown. My father was an Arizona State Legislator for 26 years, dedicated to the well-being of his constituents, primarily the Navajo people. My mom ran a non-profit here in Phoenix that supported urban Indians for over 30 years. Both of them are passionate about supporting and creating community, they are also wonderful advocates for the arts here in Arizona. They and my husband Kade have cemented a commitment in me for the arts that makes what I do for a living more than just a job.

What Phoenix doesn't know ... If I didn't dye my hair, it would be as grey as foggy London town.

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