100 Creatives

100 Creatives Ends Today. Who's No. 1?

At the end of May -- with Best of Phoenix looming at the other end of the summer -- we came up with a wacky idea:

Let's find 100 arty types from around town. We'll ask them questions, have them share some work. We'll call it The Creatives, in honor of our "Best of" theme, superheroes.

Honestly, folks, it was that simple. We started tossing up the profiles as soon as we heard back from the artists, with no regard (really!) for order or anything more than putting someone interesting up every day.

Turns out, that was the easy part. At first, we weren't sure it would work. 100 -- that's a big number. We thought we might run out. No way. As we end this project, we realize -- in all sincerity -- that we could easily keep going. 1000 Creatives? Has a nice ring to it. But like all good things, this project is coming to an end -- to make way for more.

Oh yeah, you want to know who No. 1 is, don'tcha?

Find out after the jump.

1: YOU. Er, Phoenix, really.

At the risk of being corny (and with a nod to TIME magazine), there's no way No. 1 could be anyone else. Truth is, we may have set ourselves up by counting down, but we're no VH1. And one thing we've learned from running a culture blog for four months is that we've got no shortage of material. We've found evidence of creativity every day, and not just as part of The Creatives. You're pretty cool, Phoenix. And we're really lucky.

Below are 100 Creatives, you included. Above is a new project we're kicking off, a series of limited edition Jackalope stickers designed by some more pretty damn creative people around town. You can find us downtown for this First Friday, handing a few of them out. Grab 'em, collect 'em, share 'em, stick 'em wherever. (We won't tell.)

It's been real, it's been creative ... it's even been real creative. And now it's your turn to show us what else you've got. 

The Creatives, so far:

100. Fausto Fernandez
99. Brian Boner

98. Carol Panaro-Smith

97. Jane Reddin

96. Adam Dumper
95. Mayme Kratz
94. Daniel Tantalean
93. Yuri Artibise
92. Lisa Starry
91. Paul Hoeprich
90. Betsy Schneider
89. Mary Shindell
88: Gabriel Utasi
87: Tiffany Egbert
86. Angela Cazel Jahn
85. Dayvid LeMmon
84. Beatrice Moore
83. Michelle J. Martinez
82. Carrie Bloomston
81. Paul Porter
80. Rachel Bess
79. Karolina Sussland
78. Aaron Abbott
77. Mary Lucking
76. Erin Sotak
75. Greg Esser
74. Matthew Mosher
73. Mark Klett
72. Tony Carrillo
71. Paul Morris
70. Joe Pagac
69. Alison King
68. JJ Horner
67. Kim Porter
66. Marco Rosichelli
65. Heather Hales
64. Amy Lamp
63. Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker
62. Lindy Drew

61. Robbie Pfeffer
60. Neil Borowicz

59. Lynn Fisher

58. Tanner Woodford

57. David Tinapple
56. Casebeer

55. Tom Leveen

54. Patti Parsons

53. Tedd McDonah

52. Mike Maas
51. Chris Todd

50. Monica Aissa Martinez

49. Stefan Shepherd

48. Jenny Poon

47. Matt Moore

46. Andrea Hanley

45. Julie Hampton

44. Ted Decker

43. Saskia Jorda

42. Michael Bergfalk

41. Scott Baxter

40. Carrie Marill
39. Kobina Banning

38. Suzanne Falk
37. Jon Haddock

36. Kade Twist

35. Cindy Dach

34. John Wagner
33. Roy Wasson Valle

32. Sue Chenoweth
31. Patricia Colleen Murphy

30. David Quan

29. Lesli Yazzie
28. Nathan Feller

27. Cassandra Coblentz

26. Matt Dickson

25. Tara Logsdon

24. Gennaro Garcia
23. Tiphanie Brooke

22. Dan Semenchuk

21. James Angel
20. Tessa Windt
19. Mitch Fry

18. Miro Chun

17. Randy Slack

16. Abbey Messmer

15. Jessica Jordan

14. Brent Bond

13. Peter Shikany
12. Carolyn Lavender
11.Derek A. Welte
10. James E. Garcia
9. Stephanie Carrico

8. John Spiak

7. Quincy Ross
6. Steven Yazzie
5. Morgan McNally

4. Shawna Franks and Bob Fisher

3. Colin Chillag

2. April Reyna