Party Reports

Kendra Wilkinson slaps that ass at Friday Night Lights party

Friday Night Lights Feb. 1, 2008 Taste Ultra Lounge in Scottsdale


This was the smallest red carpet I have ever seen. There was a tiny backdrop the size of a French doorway that waited to be the destination of tiny stars. Security was brought in from out of town, and these men were huge and wore way too much cologne. Model cocktail waitresses were also brought in especially for this event at the brand new club.

Brandon Molale, an actor most recognized for his role in movies such as Mr. Deeds, was the first star to arrive on the scene. Next came Scott Porter of the show Friday Night Lights, who was extremely friendly, very real. Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs has been to all the major parties this weekend. He showed up tonight with his girlfriend Julissa Bermudez, a host on BET. Johnson said he likes Arizona, but it's a lot colder than he remembers it being.

DJ Clue showed up to spin beats inside. He said he was, "going to bring some New York flavor," to the club.

Then the highlight of the night: Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner's playboy girlfriends showed up at 11 p.m. She wore a slinky, silver mini-dress and sported crimped hair. She was all smiles and ready to talk to the media. A super bubbly person, she lit up the red carpet. But while she dazzled on the carpet, she lacked brightness in other areas. When asked by a reporter which of Hefner's girlfriends is the biggest "penny pincher," Wilkinson replied, "Wait, what does that mean 'penny pincher?' " She also commented that she was really bummed that the San Diego Chargers are not participants in the Super Bowl this year. Wilkinson added that she likes to pig out on Super Bowl munchies such as ribs, chips and dip.

Kevin Willis of the Dallas Mavericks, Warren Sapp of the Oakland Raiders were there, and Fall out Boy bassist Pete Wentz showed up to the club without his girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson.

Jillian Sloan

Hey Pete, where's Ashlee? Watch a slideshow from the party.

Cisco Adler of Whitestarr came to party as well. He brought his entourage and sandwiched himself between two of his friends and said, "This is my new crew, we're an oreo cookie."


The celebrities hung out in the main room in an elevated VIP section. Wentz must have felt an alcohol-induced burst of creativity when he came over to me and drew in my notepad a pig head with a man's body and entitled it "Self Portrait." Porter was also talkative from the VIP area. He posed for more pictures inside with his girlfriend Kelsey. Porter said he was most excited about seeing Ne-Yo perform, which sadly never happened. Sapp was in the crowd dancing away along with Willis and Shawn Marion of the Phoenix Suns.

Wilkinson, the Playboy playmate herself, got on the tiny make-shift stage in front of the DJ stand at around 12:30 a.m. and stole the crowd with her provocative dancing. She was a ball of energy as she dipped down low and slapped her ass to the song, Snoop Doggy Dog. Purple and red light beams flashed over her as she danced song after song, took a break and then returned up on the stage to get her groove on yet again.

Jillian Sloan

Would Hef approve? We think so. Watch a slideshow from the party.


"Just having fun," J.D. Durbin, ex-pitcher for the Phillies (plans on going to the FBR Open Sunday).