Party Reports

HOT live music at Super Thursday!

While the celebs continue trickling down the red carpet here at Axis/Radius, there's a ton of great live music on the outdoor stage.

The evening started with a half hour set from Valley rapper Pokafase, who played some newer material and made several references onstage to "representin' Arizona." He did it well, too, pumping out a tight set that turned the massive crowd here into a sea of bouncing heads.

Hip-hop/R&B group Next took the stage after Pokafase. They pretty much walked off the red carpet and onto the stage.

Joey Fatone just walked by me.

Anyway, Next sounded impeccable. Their smooth groove was perfect for slow dancing in this brisk weather. They ended their set with their single "Wifey," and left the stage to DJ Roonie G, who spun a scribble fest filled with fierce beats and samples from everyone from Kanye West to Prince.

The crowd is going nuts behind me. Somebody's screaming for Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Not sure if she's actually here.

We'll be getting Diddy with it shortly. We hope.