Teams Still In It

Still Close at the Half

The Giants weathered the first turnover of the game early in the second, and should have at least gotten a field goal. Now the Giants defense is giving Tom Brady fits and this looks like it will be a low-scoring battle with both teams fighting to win time of possession.

What's scary is that the Patriots could choose to open the game up at any time, and I would think that's what they'll do. The longer the Patriots let the Giants hang around, the better chance the Giants have to pull off the upset. New York has not had problems moving the ball, only taking advantage of scoring chances.

Every special teams play and turnover becomes huge at this point. With the Patriots ahead only 7-3 at the half, I think the 12-point favorites might start feeling some pressure. It could be they are already feeling the magnitude of this game, as they look more conservative than usual. Randy Moss continues to be a non-factor. If the Pats win, I think he'll need to play a part.

Now here's a Pats turnover at midfield with 15 seconds left in the half. Not the way the favorites wanted to enter the locker room. Good news for New England fans is that the Patriots get the ball first in the second half.

That first drive in the second half will be huge and could determine the flow, if not outcome, of the game. If the Pats score a TD that might be all they need to start taking control.

In the very least, this has been a very competitive game and should keep fans glued to their bigscreens in the second half. Perfection is at stake, or the biggest upset in Super Bowl history will take place. On to Tom Petty first...