Party Reports

Disappointing turnout for Entourage party

Entourage Bash at Myst Feb. 1, 2008 Myst Nightclub, Scottsdale


This traffic on this red carpet moved slower than rush hour on I-10. Hip-hoppers Baby Bash and Pitbull arrived pretty early in the evening, and Baby Bash later performed Cyclone and a few of his other hits inside for the crowd.

It was a cold night, but that didn't stop musician Paula DeAnda or Playmate and DJ Roxanne Dawn from showing some skin.

Kristin Ellis, who you probably don't remember from the Fox reality show Paradise Hotel, walked the red carpet. When asked about the second season of the show, which will premiere on Monday, Ellis said "I can't wait to see some new people make asses of themselves like we did."

Other celebs that hit this party were Brandon Molale (Mr. Deeds and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) with his girlfriend Kimberly Wolfe (Tankgirl).

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn showed up at the same time as Entourage star Kevin Dillon. The two chatted it up on the red carpet as a heckler yelled insults at Quinn. "You're a loser. Why don't you get a real job? You should learn how to throw a pass."

Quinn was very cordial when getting verbally harassed, but a friend in his entourage had enough and finally turned to the heckler and said, "Who is a loser? Look at what side of the rope you're on."

Mike Lawson

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn, left, arrived at the same time as Dillon where the collided on the red carpet.Watch a slideshow from the red carpet.


"No media inside," the girl with the clipboard said. Huh? Why then do you make me wear this tacky badge that says "Media Credential?"

After another reporter and I complained to everyone we found wearing an earpiece, we were eventually allowed inside. They still didn't allow us to take any photos inside. You'd swear they were storing secrets related to national security in there. Or maybe it's the recipe for Bush's Baked Beans.


Myst is a decent nightclub with a comfortable decor an abundance of segregated rooms to allow for a good time. Friday, most of the rooms were guarded and were reserved for VIPs. The White Room was the only secluded room to be open to everyone.

Music by Baby Bash and DJ Roxanne kept everyone moving, but we were promised a performance by Entourage star Adrian Grenier and his band the Honey Brothers, but as of 12:30 a.m. Grenier had still not shown up.


"This chic that I bagged is coming tonight, bro," one black-eyed bouncer said to a non-black-eyed bouncer.