Carrie Underwood Takes the Classy Route in "Undo It"

Slashing your ex's tires after a breakup isn't exactly the healthiest way of dealing with things, and it seems Carrie Underwood is moving on from her "Before He Cheats" ways into a more mature way with "Undo It." The song, off her album Play On, also deals with breaking up, but this time, there's no harming of objects, just a strong, independent lady statement about how no one who won't treat Underwood with respect isn't right for her.

"I'm starting to see everything you lack," Underwood sings, "Boy you blew it." And instead of pining away for the good times, instead of drunk dialing him for ex sex, instead of getting revenge on him by trashing his car or dating his friend, Underwood simply removes memories of him from her place ("now your photos don't have a picture frame") and refuses to even waste her breath and time talking about him, someone who hurt her so much ("and I never say your name, and I never will.") Sounds like a good, clean break that could bring her some closure from the relationship--no wavering about her decision.

Just like Jason Derulo, Underwood proves that staying in a toxic relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship at all is not the way to go. She sends a message to women that whoever we're in relationships with should be partners, not people who steal our happy or make us cry. Of course it is hard to face the possibility of being lonely, but Underwood says that it is better to be single and have the prospect of finding a truly equal and kind partner than someone who bashes you and brings you down.

Who knows if Jessica Simpson, who has also dated Underwood's ex, Tony Romo, will ever write a song as positive as Underwood's, but at least Underwood is here to rep for confident, sexy women.

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