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Something Corporate Causes Orgasms at Marquee Theatre

Amazing was the word of the night at the Something Corporate concert at Marquee Theatre last night. The band, who was on a reunion tour after being on hiatus since 2005, had no opening act, allowing the guys to play an extensive, 2-hour-plus set. Singer/pianist Andrew McMahon gave the crowd what they wanted by jumping up on his piano, and the band was so good, it caused multiple orgasms in one of the fans. Read more about what she and other audience members had to say about the show.

@jimmydouglas- Who's about to see Something Corporate live for the first time in 5+ years? THIS GUY!

@lustaelaine- Seeing Something Corporate live tonight was incredible. Such amazing musicians and people. The depth and...

@showtimefanpage- something corporate show was great.

@beauxjensen- Something Corporate was AMAZING!!!

@littlehewitt- something corporate was amazing.

@Chelseastrunk- Something Corporate was in love with Andrew Mcmahon as I ever was!

@enbaldarlingg- Something Corporate was amazzzzzinggg!! :)

@heatherweasley- something corporate blew my fucking mind. - i have no words to describe how amazing that concert was,...

@pinkorangepole- Met Something Corporate AGAIN, got a hug from Andy, pics with Josh and Brian, & saw an amazing show w/ my mom.

@saredelman- Something corporate was so great in pHX

@MsRalls- Concert was amazing! I love Something Corporate. I'm so nasty and sweaty from it though and need to get to bed for class tomorrow!

@emjayfools- Something Corporate tonight. All I can say is OH MY GOD.

@MissEinAZ- Something Corporate was amazing. So glad to see them finally! And he played Konstantine. Woohoo!

@e_rocka- I am complete yet again. Love something corporate.

@joliefolie- How many times can you orgasm at one concert? The Something Corporate show set a new precedent for that question. SO AWESOME

@McMayfield- Sooo stoked for something corporate time to relive sophomore year of hs haha

@xstaytragicx- Something corporate was insane. I've seen 2 of my 5 all time fav bands this weekend.

@Playinwfire- Something Corporate was fucking epic. I feel extremely sad for all the states they skipped. And I recorded the whole thing.Still have chills

@SammieKaykes- Something corporate was aaaaaaming

@BethCrumrine- Thank you Something Corporate for an amazing show. It was a long long wait but well worth it!

@the_new_extreme- Something Corporate=more awesome than the miz


@NathanielWahl- Something Corporate is killing it right now, Andrew is litterally stomping on his keys.

@heavenh- Something Corporate played a 2hr 15min set with no opening band :) It was incredible.

@AnarborMike- Something Corporate sounds absolutely amazing

@kittystew- At Something Corporate. It's awesome. And I want to get blazed right now. Just sayin'.

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