How to Make a Viral Video: The Pet Collective's Miley Cyrus Parody, "We Can Bark"

Miley Cyrus' video for "We Can't Stop" is one of the weirdest videos of the year. It features giant bear backpacks, a french-fry-covered skull, and lots and lots of bread. As the nation sat scratching its heads after its June 19 debut, California-based The Pet Collective saw an opportunity for its latest pet parody video, one that would join the likes of pooch-filled clips riffing on of Rihanna and Carly Rae Jepsen. Since it debuted June 27, Maltey Cyrus' "We Can Bark" has racked up more than 100,000 views on the month-old

The Pet Collective team managed to get the video done in only four days. Less than a week after Miley's clip hit airwaves, the pet media staff noticed no big parodies had been filmed and decided to quickly create its own. They called New York composer Douglas Widick, who recorded the new doggy version with singer Amanda Shectman.

While Miley's message is about ditching her adolescence, Maltey's song talks about "going bow wow" while pet owners are away. Director Nick Fabiano, along with producers Matt Pagourgis and Ben Stumpf, re-created as many scenes from Miley's video as they could with the cast of seven dogs, ranging from having a real pug lick a toy pug (Miley makes out with a doll), to picking a perfectly coiffed maltese to match Miley's punkish hair do.

The parody has been covered by everyone from Ryan Seacrest and Perez Hilton to The Huffington Post and E! Though Miley hasn't yet acknowledged the parody, Fabiano says he hopes she, like everyone who see it, will laugh.

"If it can give you two minutes of laughter out of your stressful day, that's what we want," Fabiano says.

The viral hit is helping launch The Pet Collective website, which is set to officially launch by August. The Pet Collective started as a YouTube partner channel full of top-notch pet videos, and Fabiano says the nearly 20-person team hopes the website becomes the premier destination for emotionally striking pet-related content. The company's funded by web series distributor Blip, and by its official launch, there will be a new web series episode daily.

Check out the video below, and share your thoughts of the parody in the comments.

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