The Best Songs to Listen to During an Arizona Monsoon

In anticipation of this weekend's (forecasted) rainy weather, I have compiled a list of the best locally generated songs to listen to during an Arizona monsoon. While plenty of bands nation and worldwide have created excellent songs to listen to during a storm, I looed to some of Arizona's finest to compile a list for this state's unique brand of weather.

Here in the desert we're not used to moisture, so when the clouds roll in the atmosphere can become quite hectic. The sky turns dark, the thermometer drops a bit, and this weird thing called humidity rears its ugly head.

The sudden change is enough to drive us all enough nuts. Drivers lose their heads, kids run amuck, and we all get the urge to run outside and take advantage of the brief reprieve from the heat.

Instead of losing your shit or getting in a fender bender, just relax and enjoy some music while you watch the madness.

5. "Love in the Time of Human Papillomavirus" (Andrew Jackson Jihad)
The little string plucks in the this song feel like little rain drops falling as the crooning vocals pick up steam and carry you away. Before you know it, the little plucks are back to usher the song out again.

Love In the Time of Human Papillomavirus by Andrew Jackson Jihad

4. "Hard Times" (Where Eagles Dare)
While these former staples of the Arizona hardcore scene have been on hiatus for some time now (outside of a few "reunion" shows a year), I hear they are getting amped up for another go at it and thank God for that. They really know how to churn out some heart-pumping songs. "Hard Times" actually sounds like a monsoon. From the shrieking vocals to the thunderous guitar lines, this song builds and builds like the storm before lulling you in and finishing with a resounding smash.

Hard Times by Where Eagles Dare

3. "Oneironaut" (The Constellation Branch)
This song is the perfect eerie anthem to an Arizona storm. The song starts of slow before methodical vocals dig in and begin to tell the story. It's like watching the storm approach from a far before a thumping buildup leads to a satisfyingly crashing end. Perfect window storm watching music.

Oneironaut from The Constellation Branch on Vimeo.

2. "Blame" (The Riveras)
"Blame" engulfs you along with the storm. Start the song—and its immediately high-tempo drum beat-as the drops start falling and feel the balance between up-tempo music and swimming vocals pull you in between the chaos and beauty of the storm.

Blame by The Riveras

1. "It's Raining in the Attic" (Underground Cities)
It is the subtlety of this song that makes it such a great listen during a monsoon. It starts out so unobtrusively like clouds on the horizon and then grows louder and louder until it is raining down on you. I can totally picture myself sitting on the porch out front listening to this song as the storm approaches and begins to soak me.

The only thing that gets Arizona crazier than a monsoon is a cloudy-tease, those times when the clouds roll in only dissipate without so much as a drop of rain. Here's hoping these songs bring enough karma to keep the storm around this weekend.

And remember, kids, don't take your iPods out in the rain.

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