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Britney Spears to Incorporate Magic in 'Circus' Tour

Move over Criss Angel - Britney Spears may be after your gig. The pop songstress, known for lip-synching her way through her shows, will bring some magic to her "Circus" tour, according to E! Illusionist/comedian Ed "The Misfit of Magic" Alonzo will be sawing Spears, his magician's assistant, in half.

He told E! the show is "exactly what you would see in a big giant Vegas production show, but it's going to be on the road. ... It's going to be an amazing concert for people to watch," he said. "It's like watching a big Cirque du Soleil high-tech circus, but with a really focused star in the middle of all of this."

Alonzo said the duo will be doing the classics of magic including dissection, transposition, a vanish and an appearance.

"Some of it's pretty scary, but she gets right in there with no reservations," he said.

Spears is no stranger to magic. The singer worked with - and reportedly dated - "Mindreak" Criss Angel which resulted in her train wreck performance of "Gimme More" at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007.

The tour will kick off Tuesday in New Orleans and will stop into Glendale's Arena on Friday, April 24.