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Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite DJs Adult Swim This Weekend

William Fucking Reed is celebrating his 32nd fucking birthday at this Sunday's Adult Swim, and '90s dance music diva Lady Miss Kier will be in attendance offering many happy returns. The vivacious and glamtastic songstress, best know as the former front woman for Deee-Lite will provide a guest DJ set.

You'd be hard pressed to find a dance music mixtape in the early-90s that didn't contain the group's infectious club hit "Groove is in the Heart," which is understandable, given it's beyond-funky booty shakin' bass lines and Kier's sexy and sultry harmonizing. Since Deee-Lite split up in 1995, she's been working the international club circuit as a DJ and has spun everything from drum 'n' bass to disco.

Other guests scheduled to appear at Reed's birthday blowout at the Wyndham Hotel include Dirty Dave and Sleazy Sean (who made their name at the bygone Hot Pink! night over at Karamba a few years back), as well as Sean Watson, Shane Silkey, Goldsmith, and Disco Tex. The party starts at the Wyndham Hotel at 2 p.m. and will later move to the nearby SideBar after 10 p.m. Check out Adult Swim's MySpace for more.