Wooden Indian - Crescent Ballroom - 1/10/13

Rubber Brother Records is really cool -- the cassettes, the amazing DIY shows, the sincere work with high-school-age musicians, and now a seamless transition from an epic underground festival to a sardine-can-tight all-ages show at Crescent Ballroom along with one of Phoenix's premier acts, Wooden Indian.

Like a lot of what Rubber Brother does, the night distinguished itself right away -- the setup of the stage made it clear something was up. Wooden Indian's wide array of instruments were on the stage all night; so were a series of colorful lights and light-making devices -- say, a straw chair with blinking Christmas lights wrapped around it, for starters.

"It's really overwhelming to have this sort of turnout, and a beautiful show of community, and it really means a lot to me to see this," says Rubber Brother co-founder Gage Olesen. Not only did his label pack this city's best venue on a Friday night, but they also sold out of their limited-release split cassettes.