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Katy Perry Strips Down for 'MTV Unplugged'

Katy Perry proves she doesn't need Auto-Tune on her new MTV Unplugged EP and DVD. The 25-year-old singer/songwriter belts it with a small band for the intimate concert and picks up an acoustic guitar, on which she wrote music for her debut album, One of the Boys.

The short, seven-song show contains commentary by Perry in-between songs (which is missing from the album.) Perry gives some insight into her songwriting process, including talking about her Christian background and how that interacted with her life in Los Angeles.

The disapointing thing about the show was the set list. She omitted one of her hit singles, "Hot N Cold," from the concert, though she did play  "Ur So Gay," "Thinking of You" and "Waking Up in Vegas." "Thinking of You" is beautiful when she plays it on the acoustic guitar, but this time she also had some piano and violin help, which made the song even prettier.

She also played the weakest song from her debut album, "Lost." It's probably because that's one of the only other ballads on the album, and it's a very personal song to Perry. Still, it's boring, and nothing was added to the track to change it up, unfortunately.

Perry did modify her hit "I Kissed a Girl," making it more of a cabaret-style performance. The jazzy take on the pop song instantly classed it up and will make fans of the song happy.

Perry also performed a cover by Fountains of Wayne called "Hackensack." Though Perry explained her choice in performing it because she could relate to the lyrics of having a loyal lover/friend back home when she's on the road, the lyrics also state that the singer is working for her dad and lives in a place called Hackensack (nothing to do with Perry). And it also just seems odd she'd do a cover by the sometimes-cheesy, middle aged men-filled Fountains of Wayne.

It was also a major disappointment Perry ended the show with "Brick by Brick," an early demo she said she'd love to include on an acoustic album someday. It's evident why the drab song wasn't included on One of the Boys, and it would have been better to hear one of the tracks that was or a good cover. 

Despite a couple missteps, Unplugged is still fun to listen to because Perry sounds wonderful. Listening to the album, you'd never know it was recorded live if it weren't for the applause between songs--the sound quality is great, and Perry's vocals are strong. Compared to some other live CDs where there's a lot of background noise and things might sound fuzzy, this album sounds crystal clear.

And it's nice to hear the tracks stripped down, with Perry's voice as the main focus. She may be a pop star, but Unplugged proves she worked hard to get to the point she's at.

The DVD also includes a 10-minute interview with Perry, who talks about her future plans and how the past year and a half has been for her since she burst on the scene. The concert footage is currently being streamed on