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One Direction: Beautiful Lyrics Meet Breathtaking Photos

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A quick word from the editor: Last week, New Times writer Christina Caldwell pondered One Direction's appeal to both teens and more mature modern pop fans, asking a politely (but firmly) WTF? Of course, OD fans got defensive, attacking with comments like: P.S. I think you should be taking a look at yourself and asking how to get that stick out of your butt... Give it a rest. You sound like a cold, bitter, middle-aged woman whose husband just left you for a 20 year old.This week, our own Nicki Escudero and Melissa Fossum offer a more succinct defense of the group, using only dreamy pictures of the boys and snippets of their lyrics. Have at it, OD fans or haters.

It's no surprise the guys of One Direction have managed to take America by storm -- their songs are full of lyrics so meaningful that they can't help tugging on your heartstrings, and the members are extremely skilled at emoting exactly what they're trying to convey in their songs. Get pumped up for their Comerica Theatre show on Sunday, June 10, by checking out some of their most groundbreaking lyrics and precious faces below.