Jackrabbit's New Owner Denies Nik Richie's Claims, Says Club Isn't Closing

Major changes have apparently been going down behind the scenes at Scottsdale's Jackrabbit Lounge.

The glitzy Old Town nightclub, which has dipped in popularity since opening in 2006, was not only recently sold to new owners, but is also currently undergoing a partial remodeling.

One thing that isn't happening at Jackrabbit, however, is its closure. Despite what you might have read in recent weeks over on Nik Richie's notorious gossip site The Dirty (which ran a post recently predicting that the club was doomed), co-owner Don Serpe says the club is alive and well.

"Richie's a liar," Serpe says.

Serpe's used to fending off diss missiles fired his way from Richie and his Dirty Army of gossip mongers and tattletales. The new co-owner of the Jackrabbit has been engaged in something of feud with the Nikster since late last year, through multiple posts on the Dirty needling Serpe and tossing around such slurs and "douche" and "poseur" in his direction. They've also dubbed him with the moniker "Sir Serpe," made fun of his family members, and derided his efforts as a concert promoter (he's put on shows with Too Short and other hip-hop heroes at the Celebrity Theatre).

The latest swipe from the Dirty Army alleges that Serpe (who purchased Jackrabbit along with business partner Michael Aprati at the beginning of July) is contained within a post titled "Sir Serpe Is The New Owner Of Jack Rabbit In Scottsdale." Based on a tip from a soldier in the Dirty Army (as well as a supposed employee at the club), it contains such allegations that Sepre not only FUBAR'd the first payroll under his tenure and that "everyone hates him" on the staff.

Serpe (who says he's developed more of a thick skin to The Dirty's attacks) refutes both of these claims.

"When that post went up we hadn't even had a payroll period yet," he says. "That's why I don't think that anyone it from my club [who sent that tip]. they're going to write something at least write something that could possibly be true since everyone who works at the club knows its not true. If anything, I gave people raises, a little bit."

Not only is Jackrabbit not closing, he adds, its about to become even better than before. He and Aprati are planning to upgrade the décor and amenities of the club during the days when the club isn't open, including building luxury VIP skyboxes, improving the outdoor patio with new furniture and tile, and even a new DJ booth.

"We're making everything brand new," Serpe says. "Better than brand new, in fact."