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Super Stereo on 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' This Sunday

Keeping Up with the Kardashians may be one of the most vapid, superficial, painfully annoying shows on television right now, but this Sunday night's new episode on E! actually has one redeeming quality to the vomit-inducing drivel -- local "future pop" band Super Stereo will have three songs featured on the show, making it the one time you should tune in to see a plastic-y family whore themselves out for moolah.

"To be honest, none of us avidly watch the show, but we are aware of the Kardashians, and their exploits," says bass player Statz, "specifically those in regards to their new husbands Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries."

Even though the band admits they don't watch the show, Super Stereo will be tuning in together to hear their tracks "Live To Learn," "Distant Star" and "Life Passed Me By".

"Every placement we get, large or small, is super-exciting to us," says vocalist/synthesizer player Lo. "Sometimes our placements our easy to pick out, sometimes it's like a fun treasure hunt." Adds Statz, "This is a joint viewing experience with our fans in a way. We know just as much as they do and get to experience it at the same time they do."

While the band recently wrapped up a tour of the Southwest, hitting up places such as California, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico, and are currently working on their sophomore album, they hope their appearance on this Sunday's show might make some reality television fans a fan of their band, as well.

"Having your song played on television is always a surreal experience," Statz says. "This is only magnified by seeing it in a reality television show, which has its own special take on the television format and place in the psyche of our society. When you write and perform these songs, you just never think of them in that context. It is always interesting and exciting to see people use your songs."

If you'd like to hear Super Stereo outside the little black box, they play at the Rainbows Festival Sunday, October 2 at Heritage Square. For more information, go here.

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