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Singer/Assailant Chris Brown Added to Roster for Phoenix Celebrity Shootout

Yesterday I kinda bagged on the "celebrities" committed to playing in this year's version of the annual Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout at US Airways Center.

Today organizers added another big name.

The Good News: The name is big. REALLY big. Pretty much everyone who cares even a little about pop music knows him and he's drawn comparisons to Michael Jackson. In other words, this guy ain't no Pooch Hall.

The Bad News: Everyone hates him because he's a piece of shit who beat up his much more talented girlfriend. If he takes an elbow to the throat Saturday people will jeer in approval. Oh, and those Michael Jackson comparisons are part of his concerted effort to glom the Gloved One's fame.

Yes, Chris Brown, the only R&B singer less popular with the masses than R. Kelly, has been added to the list of celebs that currently includes Frankie Muniz, the former child actor who now plays drums for a Phoenix band called You Hang Up, Common and Michael Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan, that is. He's an actor who appears on seemingly-always-almost-canceled TV drama Friday Night Lights. Classic, right?

Hey, when these people -- and I am not making this up, those are the actual organizers -- put on a trainwreck, they wreck that shit good.

When he's not playing basketball for charity Brown enjoys picking up trash in Virginia as penance for his awful abuse of Rihanna.

Enjoy the video below..