Eight-Year-Old Juliet's Hardcore Song About Fish and Her Dog

One of the most fundamental rules of the internet is that everything is more entertaining with cats or kids (okay, not everything, perv). After seeing Jorge and Alexa Narvaez perform this adorable version of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Home," we had high hopes for any kid singing outside of a pageant, with the exception of Rebecca Black, of course.

Next in the line of little girls doing badass things is "My First Hardcore Song" by 8-year-old Juliet. Juliet channels her inner Walls of Jericho to share her love of her dog and fish. The song includes a breakdown of Juliet picking up change, doing the windmill, and "opening up the pit" with stuffed animals on a trampoline.

Check out this brutally adorable video after the jump.

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