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Tractor Pull Divas: Hope In a State of Decay

Title: Hope In a State of Decay

Basics: Chandler-based Tractor Pull Divas play -- wait for it -- country-tinged rock. Bet you didn't see that coming! Nonetheless, theirs is a rock lighter on the country aspects and they have a lead singer who can hold his own. Also, whoever plays the banjo has some serious skills -- it's about damn time I got some good banjo with my YAFI.

Best Song: The fourth track on the album, "Gloriously" plays brilliantly to what it is TPD does well -- light, poppy songs full of fantastic vocals. I wish I knew the lead singer's name, but the band's MySpace -- their only website -- is pretty light on any background info. As well as the aforementioned banjo, the band also employs the mandolin, something also sorely missing from recent YAFI submissions. These TPD fellas are some pretty ambitious dudes, if you ask me. They also play brilliantly to the strengths of their locale -- people expect some jangly, just-the-right-amount-of-country rock music from a Chandler band, let alone an Arizona one.

Song I Also Enjoyed: It's the Christmas season, and instead of picking a song I don't like I shall choose to focus on one that was also pretty good. "Thank You For Nothing" is a vindictive offering that, while spiteful in nature, is still upbeat and poppy. Even when TPD has cruel intentions, they manage to wrap it all up in a light and enjoyable package. The song often makes you forget how sarcastically rude its lyrics are -- and that's a good thing.

Suggestions: I would like to know your guy's names and other information like that, so please update ya website with some of that info. As well, keep plugging away locally and get this album on a wider release -- I think a lot of people will take to it. I know UOTS' own Martin Cizmar is a fan of the TPD, and other people will certainly be in line after listening to Hope In a State of Decay.

Grade: B