6 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Week

Yes, the man behind commercially ubiquitous songs like "Old Time Rock and Roll" and "Like a Rock" is coming to Phoenix this week. Bob Seger's legacy includes 17 studio albums that have gone platinum 20 times, a co-writing credit on the Eagles hit "Heartache Tonight," and countless, mind-boggling numbers of tickets sold through the years. It's tempting to critically dismiss Seger's new album, Ride Out, as a phoned in victory lap, a brass crown more than three decades after his debut album, but frankly, the album is pretty vintage Seger. When the Onion wrote the brilliant story, "Pathetic, Washed-Up Rock Star On Fifth Decade Of Doing Exactly What He Always Wanted," the story was ostensibly about Peter Wolf, but substitute Seger and you get the picture. Seger's hits sounded nostalgic when they were brand new, but he's carved out an admirable career for himself, middle finger extended to the haters and riding the love of his fans all the way to the bank.

Here are our picks this week, and be sure to check out our comprehensive concert calendar for more options.