Nadia Ali and Ladylike Over the Weekend

Ladylike at Crescent Ballroom

In this week's music feature the men of Ladylike, the Tempe-based pop combo that packed Crescent Ballroom last night, discussed the difference between a live show and a recording, noting that limiting their approach in the studio in favor of their live setting only hampers both.

But Friday night's performance at Crescent Ballroom demonstrated that the band's power doesn't rest solely in the studio. On stage, Ladylike stomp, stretch, and strut, their indelible melodies causing the butts of the 20-something crowd to shake.

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Nadia Ali at Monarch Theatre

Thanks to Comicon, downtown was a great place to people watch Saturday night. I spotted a rickshaw-driving Darth Vader, girls with cat ears, and guys unironically sporting mullets all rubbing elbows on Central. The dresses got shorter, the heels got taller, and acne seemed to magically disappear the closer one got to the clubs on Washington.

The long line of fashionable folks waiting to get in to Monarch Theatre could be seen from a distance. Though the club is about a month old, it celebrated its grand opening this weekend with Relentless Beats' new Saturday night dance party, welcoming EDM artist Nadia Ali into the opulent setting.

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