Justin Bieber Acts Like a Man on "Eenie Meenie"

It's not often you hear or see guys imploring girls to settle down. Rather, women are all too often stuck with the rap of getting "players" to commit (it's science: just read Cosmopolitan or watch any romantic comedy), so it's refreshing to hear a song where it's the man (if you can call Justin Bieber a man) who wants to commit. And for all the Bieber haters out there, at least the teen heartthrob isn't singing about how lame girls are when they try to tie you down.

No, instead in "Eenie Meenie" (which he wrote), he and Sean Kingston bemoan getting the runaround from girls they'd like monogamy from.


"Can't make up your mind, please don't waste my time. Not trying to rewind, I wish our hearts could come together as one," Bieber sings. Pretty deep and sincere lyrics coming from a 16-year-old, and the song's message is even more meaningful considering Bieber's core audience: impressionable young ladies who may be entering into their first relationships. He's preaching fidelity, not skankiness, which seems to be more of what young girls are taught to aspire to embrace these days. (Thanks, Ke$ha, for making tweens sing along, "Just show me where your dick's at" during your concerts.)

And almost as good as the lyrics are the song's catchy melody and interesting dynamic between Bieber and Kingston. The duo are a surprising pair, but their vocals blend well together, and the song's really pretty. Even a guy friend recently said how much he liked the song, so maybe the Biebs is starting to win over the non-teenage-girl demo, after all.