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Knux Redux and Cool Kids Explain Why Q Tip Sucked

By Martin Cizmar

It’s Friday of a loooong week and I’m still thinking about Monday’s show at the Marquee, The 2K Sports Bounce Tour with Q-Tip, The Knux and The Cool Kids. Sure, I panned it in my review, mostly because it was a six-hour slog that should’ve been an incredible three hours, but there was still a lot of great music.

I’ve been listening to The Knux’ Remind Me In Three Days... all week, and it’s really, really growing on me. This is the rap record of the year, as far as I’m concerned, and our sister paper in LA seems to agree in their review of the “local boys” (the feature we ran explains their roots in depth) but I think they made a good point about another band that I’ve been thinking about all week:

“Not since Guns N’ Roses has a local group rendered the fast-lane lifestyles of the young and debauched so vividly. If the old adage is true that all great rap music is beholden to localism, consider Remind Me in Three Days a significant triumph.”

Our man Kevin Murphy over at So Much Silence (check out his commentary on the show) also sent me something interesting, a post from The Cool Kids’ road blog that seems to shed some light on why things went awry in Q-Tip’s set. The picture above is borrowed from their blog.