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Idol Weirdness

american%20idol.jpg A strange email came to us lately that's just so out there I've got to share it with you... this is what it said:

Can a dead man win the American Idol songwriter contest? Maybe...

I was co-writer with the late Kurt Mayberry. (research NT archives for Kurt Mayberry or Strum & Hum)

We have just entered the American Idol songwriters contest together. I have sent along our entry, "Happy Song".

Would love to hear your comments.

Regards, Clark D. Lough "Confetti Drop"

Mayberry died in 1995 of an apparent cocaine overdose according to the old New Times article found here. He was a local musician of some renown and also owned the legendary Sun Club. Anyway, the song's called "Happy Song," and you can listen to it here: