Roll Acosta Teams With John Vanderslice For This Dreamt Existence

Tucson indie poppers, Roll Acosta recruited John Vanderslice to produce its forthcoming debut full length album, This Dreamt Existence. Vanderslice's touch can be heard in the album's intricate instrumentation, which falls somewhere between fun.'s acrobatic melodies and Cold War Kids' strained funk, giving these catchy songs have plenty of get-stuck-in-your-head potential.

"A lot of the themes are the concept of dreams...dreams that define hopes and desires and what you would like to happen. That carries through a lot of the music, that's why we named it This Dreamt Existence, there's a lot of allusions to that idea," says vocalist Jake Acosta. "Every song is a different story or talking about 'what if this happened?' or 'I really hope this happens.'"

Roll Acosta had its first CD release party in Tucson a couple weeks ago, and is following it up with a Phoenix show on Friday, June 22 at Yucca Tap Room with The Madera Strand and Sun Ghost.

See what Jake Acosta has to say about the new album, working with John Vanderslice, and making raps about pickles after the jump.