The Mars Volta, Kinch, When In AZ, First Friday and Woods Over the Labor Day Weekend

The Mars Volta Erase Last Year's Mistakes Let's start with some context: The Mars Volta came to Phoenix's Dodge Theater last October and played a show that was, for lack of a better term, lacking. They played for less than an hour and left many people underwhelmed. It's unfortunate to judge the band to that precedent, but they have only themselves to blame...full story

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First Friday: September 2009 Local band Kinch performed on the corner of 5th Street and Roosevelt while Red Bull's Manny Mania Skate Competition rolled on into late Friday night...see photos

Kinch Release New EP with Two Great Shows Kinch's The Economic Chastisement EP release party back in February was one of the best little concerts I've seen this year, so I was pretty stoked about this weekend's twin parties on behalf of the new EP Collars and Sleeves. I was not disappointed...full story

When In AZ Series Kicks Off at Modified Arts Between oddballs hocking light sabers, impenetrable Arizona temperatures and grown men playing accordions shirtless, First Fridays is always a little crazy. Friday was par for the course, with the exception of the release of a massive compilation of local bands covering each other. Modified Arts hosted night one of the When In AZ concert series, which featured three local groups who also contributed a track a piece to the comp...full story

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Woods Freak Out at Modified Up until the middle of last week, it was hard to say exactly where Brooklyn's Woods would be performing September 6th. Fliers circulating around town indicated the freak-folkers would be playing venerable Tempe establishment, The Manor. Folks won over by the band's recent opening spot for Dungen at the Rhythm Room would have the chance to see the band in an intimate setting. Then came word that the show had been moved to The Modified...full story