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Steel Train Rocks Rhythm Room

While some Phoenicians have been long-time fans of New Jersey indie rock band Steel Train because they discovered the group on their own, many know the group's studly singer Jack Antonoff for his work with former Valley musician Nate Ruess, who has since moved to New York and formed the pop band fun, with Antonoff (who also played with Ruess' former band The Format.)

Last night was all about Steel Train, though, as the band played to fans at Phoenix's Rhythm Room. Here are some Tweets from concertgoers who were at the show.

@zksmith- Arizona will never be able to get enough of Steel Train - you guys were beyond fantastic tonight!

@eilonwya10- Steel Train = terrific, incl. barbershop-style rock number, punk Springsteen cover. Tore roof off; fortunately, roofs only for shade in AZ.

@MitchellBown- Oh you know. Just chilling with Jack from fun and steel train. Love my life.

@MichaelAlthouse- At steel train show. The guitarist from fun.'s band. Cause fun. isn't indie enough for me

@amgmusic- Steel Train is really unbelievable!

@BigSunglasses- Steel Train is rockin'!!!!

@thatjoshhamel- Just introudced myself to jack of steel train while he was onstage. Great moment.

@marvinforte- Steel Train rockin' the Rhythm Room

@themattset- Steel train is killing it

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