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DJ Hazardous on How Mill Avenue and ASU Parties Hard, In Or Out of Underoos

Thanks to its close proximity to Arizona State University's main campus, wild times are often afoot on Mill Avenue. And most nights, you can find Damion Hernandez helping stoke things up at some of the rowdier bars along the Downtown Tempe thoroughfare.

The 33-year-old, known to the scene as DJ Hazardous, drops high-energy and electro-heavy mixes during thrice-weekly sessions at such joints as Fat Tuesdays and C.A.S.A., typically with many members of the 40-person Party Time Crew that helps promote and support his events. And while Hernandez has appeared in recent years at Scottsdale joints like The Mint and Wild Knight (where he's opened for such names as Lucky Date and Spryte) loves Old Town's posh nightlife establishment, he's got a major yen for Tempe and its resident revelers.