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Swine Flu Taking Its Toll on Concerts

Can't get enough swine flu coverage? Thought maybe reading a music blog would offer you an opportunity to get away from the media blitz surrounding the fervor? Well, such is the nature of the beast that the swine flu has now affected concerts, forcing cancellations all across Mexico and even a few select shows in the U.S. Many shows in Mexico have seen their dates either be canceled or simply pushed back to a later date, in the hopes of containment of the flu.

Things are looking up for the swine flu's containment in Mexico, yet precautions are still being taken all across the U.S. Young Jeezy canceled a scheduled concert this past Thursday at the University of Delaware due to reports of the flu on campus (I'd make a "Blue" Hens pun here, but I am better than that). Perhaps some acts are bigger than the flu, as both Metallica and The Jonas Brothers are going ahead with scheduled concerts in Mexico City and Monterrey, respectively. I won't argue with the fact that both acts are much bigger than something like this, and the preparation for one of their massive concerts is probably more of a pain in the ass to halt than, say, a show at a smaller Mexican club. Canceling shows is a smart thing to do, however, and most shows will go on at a later date.  This was to be expected, as the flu has delayed movie premieres on Mexican movie screens, showing that entertainment is subject to the restrictions brought forth by such a massive health concern.

Check out the New York Times' quick take on the situation. also has a take on the cancellations, with much more in-depth perspective (read: longer).